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Bicycle Law

Do I really need lights on my bicycle?

So one day after work you purchased a commuter bicycle from the local bike shop and decided to take it for a spin around the neighborhood just as the sun is going down. Or you’ve got a top of the line road bike and decided to take off the reflectors to lighten the bike, figuring the rechargeable USB lights on either end of the bike are all you need. In either instance, you’d be breaking the law in Florida.

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This is confidential, right?

Time and time again, my father is always giving me some ‘secret’ information on something and he always prefaces it, in his thick Greek accent, with, “this is attorney client confidentiality.” I gave up years ago trying to explain how it wasn’t, partly because he didn’t care and partly because I wanted to hear this morsel of information. But it comes up often in my daily interactions, either as a result of my practice or in day-to-day life, that questions about confidentiality and privilege regarding attorney-client communications are raised.

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