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In 2021, Florida had the highest number of cyclist fatalities of any US state – with an increase of more than 150 over the previous year. In contrast, many other states reported no cyclist deaths whatsoever during the same period. Although riding a bike produces zero emissions while providing excellent exercise, many Florida cyclists are rewarded with serious hazards after making this sustainable choice. Injured cyclists may incur medical expenses, missed wages, and various non-economic damages. Deceased cyclists leave behind grieving family members who struggle to cover funeral expenses, unpaid hospital bills, and many other losses. Faced with these emotional and financial pressures, victims of bike accidents in Florida may find it helpful to discuss their legal options alongside our team. 

Injuries from Crashes with Motor Vehicles

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Unsurprisingly, bicycles and motor vehicles collide most frequently in intersections. Often, negligent drivers cut off cyclists when making right-hand or left-hand turns because they fail to properly check their surroundings. 

Cyclists traveling in designated bicycle lanes frequently find themselves in blind spots, and drivers should, but often do not, shoulder-check before making a right-hand turn at an intersection. The resulting crashes can eject cyclists, causing injuries such as concussions and fractures. 

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Injuries From Crashes With Other Bicyclists

Cyclists can easily collide with each other, especially within cramped bike lanes. These accidents are especially common when two cyclists travel at drastically different speeds. The arrival of electric batteries and e-scooters has made these accidents more common in Florida, and those traveling at a leisurely pace may suddenly find themselves colliding with a negligent individual on an e-bike. Bike injury lawyers in Florida may be able to address the challenges of pursuing compensation after these accidents, such as the lack of auto insurance.

Bike Accidents Caused by Road Debris

Various parties may be held liable for road debris that causes bike accidents in Florida, depending on the circumstances. City municipalities that fail to clear away concrete chunks from a roadside construction site may be found negligent in their duty to maintain a clear roadway or to appropriately signal hazards. Delivery and trucking companies may also scatter debris across a road, causing serious hazards for cyclists. While passenger vehicles can typically circumvent these hazards, even slight bumps may send cyclists flying. An experienced Florida bike law attorney may be able to advise you regarding the probable negligent parties in your particular case.

Bike Accidents Caused by Road Conditions/Street Defects

One of the core responsibilities of any municipality or government organization is to maintain the roads. Confusing or incorrect signage can potentially send cyclists into oncoming traffic. Excessive bumps, cracks, and potholes may make roads impossible for cyclists to navigate without suffering serious injuries. After an accident caused by poor street conditions or obvious defects, cyclists may consider legal action against the party responsible for maintaining these roads.

Wrongful Death Bicycle Accidents

Many cyclists take their sport very seriously, often reaching high speeds on special racing bikes. These high-speed bike collisions can easily prove fatal, even if the cyclists were properly following the rules of the road. A Florida injury lawyer may be able to help family members pursue compensation for funeral expenses, future missed wages, emotional distress, and other damages associated with fatal bike accidents. 

Failure To Signal

Although various types of driver negligence can endanger cyclists, failure to signal is particularly hazardous for those traveling on two wheels. If a driver in front of a cyclist fails to activate their turn signal, the assumption is that they intend to continue straight. However, the driver may suddenly make a right-hand turn or switch lanes, causing the following cyclist to impact the vehicle at high speed. Such acts of negligence can cause cyclists to experience serious, potentially fatal injuries. 

Traffic Ticket Defense

Cyclists are subject to the same traffic regulations as any other person who uses Florida roads. As such, they may receive traffic tickets for offenses such as riding on a sidewalk, riding without proper lights, and riding without a helmet (if under the age of 16). After receiving a citation, a cyclist may wish to work with a traffic defense lawyer in Florida to have the ticket dismissed. 

Bike vs. Dog or Animal Accidents

Like motorists, cyclists face notable hazards from dogs, deer, and other animals in Florida. An impact with an animal may lead to serious injuries, as cyclists have little protection from the elements. Even a small dog can eject a cyclist or cause them to lose control. Depending on the situation, the dog owner may be strictly liable for any injuries their animal caused. This is especially true if the animal was behaving aggressively – perhaps pursuing or pouncing on the cyclist. In addition, deer have a tendency to rush onto roads without warning – potentially impacting cyclists. The sheer weight of these beasts can crumple lightweight racing bikes while their antlers impale cyclists. 

Bicycle Equipment Failure and Product Liability

Bicycle manufacturers, helmet manufacturers, e-bike manufacturers, and other companies owe a duty of care to their consumers. Dedicated bicyclists will be aware that recalls for unsafe bicycles due to faulty brakes, dangerous tires, and generally shoddy workmanship are an all-too-common occurrence. Over the past few years, e-bikes and related EV technology have been subjected to a particularly high number of recalls. Entire lines of e-scooters, “OneWheels” and other unreliable gadgets have been taken off shelves due to serious safety hazards, reported injuries, and documented deaths. 

Lithium-ion batteries have proven especially dangerous – often spontaneously exploding and causing severe burn injuries. Consumers have lost their lives and homes after leaving their e-bikes to charge unattended. The constant infernos have even caused Florida’s State Fire Marshal to specifically warn residents about the dangers of electric bikes. 

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After suffering injuries in a bicycle accident, many cyclists choose to work alongside qualified Florida bike accident lawyers to explore their legal options for seeking compensation to cover their costs of medical care, missed work, and other expenses related to the crash. While online research provides basic explanations of bike law and how it applies to specific types of bicycle accidents, each case is slightly different. A personalized approach is optimal, and injured plaintiffs may wish to discuss their unique situations alongside an experienced attorney. Call 888-305-BIKE to schedule a consultation and learn more about how the we fight for injured cyclists’ right to compensation in Florida.