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Florida has the highest number of personal injury cases per capita of any state in the nation, with 13% more unintentional injuries than the national average. These factors highlight legitimate safety concerns associated with traffic safety, premise liability, and the construction industry (to name but a few). Many plaintiffs suffer serious injuries in Florida each year. Personal injury attorneys can often help these individuals pursue compensation for their various damages. Due to the high cost of medical care and the lasting consequences of serious injuries, pursuing compensation alongside a qualified Florida injury lawyer may be critical for long-term financial security. To discuss legal options for pursuing compensation in greater detail, consider scheduling a consultation with Palaidis Law to review your case. 

Auto Accidents

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In 2022, almost 3,700 people died due to motor vehicle crashes in the Sunshine State. While these statistics are indeed tragic, the combination of a no-fault insurance system with the doctrine of pure comparative negligence means that victims of motor vehicle accidents have multiple pathways toward receiving compensation for the damages they have suffered. There are also many different types of auto accidents that may lead to personal injury claims:

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Car Accidents

A typical car accident occurs between two passenger vehicles. However, a car accident may also be a “single-vehicle incident,” in which a driver simply loses control, impacts an animal, or crashes due to poorly maintained roads. Multiple drivers may also contribute varying degrees of fault to the same accident. Common examples of driver negligence include distraction, intoxication, and speeding.

Bike Accidents

Cyclists have important rights in Florida, but all too often they are injured due to reckless drivers. Bike accidents frequently occur because negligent motorists veer into bike lanes, fail to shoulder-check before making right-hand turns, or make unsafe left-hand turns. Due to their lack of protection from the elements, cyclists experience a high risk of catastrophic injuries – even when wearing helmets.

Motorcycle Accidents

While many view them as thrill seekers, most motorcyclists are responsible motorists who suffer serious injuries due to the negligence of other drivers. Drivers must share the road with motorcyclists safely, and they must avoid cutting them off when they are merging, making left-hand turns, or attempting to “split lanes.” Motorcyclists often suffer catastrophic injuries after being ejected from their vehicles.

Trucking Accidents

Semi-trucks, dump trucks, fuel trucks, and tractor-trailers pose serious threats to Florida motorists. Often, trucking companies prioritize speed and profit over public safety – and truckers may commit various acts of negligence to boost profit margins. Truckers may be especially at risk for distracted driving due to the monotonous nature of their work. The job may also sometimes be correlated with the use of psychoactive, potentially dangerous stimulants.

Pedestrian Accidents

Crossing the road can be extremely dangerous in Florida due to the prevalence of negligent drivers. Many of these pedestrian accidents are hit-and-runs, with drivers preferring to flee the consequences of their actions instead of helping pedestrians get medical attention. Pedestrians have a high risk of suffering catastrophic and fatal injuries.

Uber/Lyft Accidents

Companies like Uber and Lyft may contribute to rideshare accidents in various ways. Various critics have pointed out that rideshare companies distract their drivers with notifications and touch screens that require constant attention. Lyft and Uber are insured against personal injury, allowing plaintiffs to pursue compensation directly from these billion-dollar tech companies.

Construction Accidents

Florida has some of the most impressive architecture in the world, and the famous Miami skyline was built thanks to hard-working construction workers. However, this modern architecture comes at a cost – one that is often paid in the lives of innocent workers forced to work under unsafe conditions. Various construction accidents in Florida may lead to personal injury lawsuits if they were caused by third-party contractors. Alternatively, the workers’ compensation program in Florida provides a clear route to compensation for workers and their surviving family members. A Florida attorney with Palaidis Law may be able to advise you regarding the legal requirements that apply in your particular case.

Work Accidents

Along with construction workers, all other workers in the Sunshine State face injury risks every day. These range from repetitive strain injuries at the office to fatal explosions at chemical plants. All too often, workers struggle to get the compensation they need – and their workers’ comp claims may be denied unfairly for several reasons. To appeal these decisions and pursue adequate compensation for their injuries, Florida workers may seek legal representation. 

Slip and Falls

A slip and fall is one of the most common types of injuries for Florida residents, and the state’s numerous seniors are especially vulnerable. Property owners and businesses must address fall hazards as quickly as possible to prevent injuries. A slip and fall accident may lead to a serious, life-altering injury. Hip fractures are common in this type of accident, and they can be particularly dangerous for elderly patients. 

Premise Liability

Aside from slips and falls, many other injuries fall under the general category of premise liability. Landlords may be liable for injuries caused by safety regulations, building code violations, and the failure to address obvious hazards. These might include fire hazards, fall hazards, and many others. 

Dog Bites

Dog owners in Florida may be held strictly liable for any injuries their animals cause. These include not only bites, but also falls, scratches, and more. A dog owner may attempt to defend themselves against liability if the plaintiff was trespassing at the time of the injury, however. 

A range of medical accidents may also lead to personal injury lawsuits. Doctors, nurses, and other health care providers owe patients in Florida a “duty of care.” If they fail to meet certain standards or commit acts of gross negligence, patients may be able to hold them accountable with medical malpractice lawsuits. 

Burn Injury

Patients often suffer surgical burns, as modern surgical equipment may reach high temperatures before coming into contact with the skin. These types of injuries are often caused by lasers, electrocauterization, and a range of other technologies. Patients should not have to struggle with disfiguring burns after surgery, and this may form the basis for a medical malpractice claim.

Head Injury

A head injury may occur due to a range of medical malpractice. A nurse may accidentally push a wheelchair-bound patient down a set of stairs, causing them to suffer serious brain injuries. Botched brain surgery, misdiagnosis, anesthesia errors, and a range of other mistakes can lead to head injuries for patients.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a catch-all phrase that refers to any wrongdoing by health care providers that results in injury. This might encompass nursing home abuse, birth injuries, defective implants, prescription of incorrect, addictive, or harmful medication, and much more.

Spinal Cord Injury

Sometimes, surgery on or near the spinal cord can make existing problems worse – or create issues where there was no previous injury. A botched surgery can cause a range of spinal cord injuries, including paralysis.


While many forms of assault are prosecuted under Florida’s criminal code, rather than litigated as civil matters, assault may lead to a personal injury lawsuit under a number of different circumstances. Some of the most common include: 

Sometimes the victim of an assault incident may sue their assailant for causing a range of damages, including PTSD, medical expenses, missed wages, depression, and much more. Although a defendant may face criminal charges for their assault, they may also face civil action in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. 

An assault may sometimes fall under the category of premises liability – specifically negligent security claims. Also known as “unsafe premises,” this type of lawsuit involves a plaintiff injured by criminal activities that could have been prevented if more suitable security systems had been implemented by the property owner or business. 

Dram Shop Lawsuits

Like many other states, Florida has “dram shop laws” that allow injured plaintiffs to sue bars and other establishments for contributing to accidents caused by intoxicated individuals. If the establishment served alcohol to a minor or someone who was visibly intoxicated, they may be held liable for damages related to ensuing DUI accidents, assaults, and other accidents involving patrons’ intoxicated misdeeds. 


Not all injuries are physical. Various forms of negligence can result in the loss of reputation for an individual or company in Florida. As long as the defamatory content was published, false, reckless in nature, and damaging, the affected party may be able to sue to receive fair compensation. 

Child Injuries

If a child suffers injuries caused by a negligent party, parents may have the right to pursue personal injury lawsuits on their behalf. In fact, this is the only way to pursue compensation, as minors are not allowed to file lawsuits themselves. Children may suffer accidents while riding in school buses, playing in the playground, or using dangerous toys. Children and teens may also suffer injuries caused by other children who become violent School boards in particular may be held responsible for failing to protect these vulnerable minors. 

Wrongful Death

Many types of accidents may result in the death of innocents. Family members are often left with unpaid medical bills, a lifetime of missed future wages, funeral expenses, and a range of non-economic damages. Faced with these issues, survivors may decide to file wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of their deceased loved ones. 

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