The 2019 Florida Legislative Session begins on March 5, 2019, and from now until the end of session I’ll be posting updates and information on the status of bills that may effect bicyclists. In these updates there will be links to the information on the bills that I have previously written about and links to the text of the bills themselves, as well as the web sites for the sponsors and committees the bills are in front of.

The web sites for the sponsors and committees contain the names and contact information for the members of the House and Senate that will be on the committees and deciding whether votes will be held on these bills.

In Florida, bills that are introduced are first referred to committees in order to be considered and voted on before being sent to the full body (House or Senate) to vote on. That’s why it is vitally important to contact the members of the House and Senate on these committees, as well as your own representatives.

Petitions are important, but the legislative staffs count the people who are contacting them (e-mail, phone, in person), so in order for our voices to be heard we must reach out to them and continue to do so. Spread the word and have your friends and family reach out to them as well.

Vulnerable Road Users Act

There are two identical bills, one in the House and one in the Senate, that aim to create protections for Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs). I’ve previously written about them here.

House Bill 71 (sponsored by Representative Stan McClain) is presently before:

Senate Bill 158 (sponsored by Senator Dennis Baxley) is presently before:

Again, both of these bills are identical.

Hands-Free Wireless Ban

There are three bills presently before the Legislature that seek to ban texting while driving and address hands-free communications while driving. I’ve discussed those three bills here.

House Bill 107 (sponsored by Representatives Jackie Toledo and Emily Slosberg and similar to Senate Bill 76) is presently before:

Senate Bill 76 (sponsored by Senator Wilton Simpson and similar to House Bill 107) is presently before:

House Bill 45 (sponsored by Representative Emily Slosberg) has been withdrawn from consideration from any of the committees.

If you come across any bills that you feel are related or effect the rights of cyclists, please let me know and I’ll update the posts and keep you in the know.

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